Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ron is a happy man!

Ever since we began talking about this trip, Ron has been talking about how good the fish & chips were going to be!  His neighbors, Bob and Vala had been to Ireland in June.  They raved about the quality and size of the fish and chips here...so Ron has been on this quest to find the best ones in Ireland. We went to the wonderful city of Galway  today.  This town had great medieval roots and we had no trouble finding a pub after our tour here!  We settled on a pub called The King's Head...where Ron, of course ordered fish and chips. Guess what...Ron decreed them the best on the trip...so good fact that he bought a tee shirt from this old pub which was originally owned by the executioner who beheaded King Charles in 1649!

Mmmm....that is one happy tourist".  But too bad you can see his perfectly poured Guinness!!

So here is the pub...we had a great table right in that big front bay window so we could watch the world go by...Ron enjoyed his fish and chips and a Guinness, while Lenore and I each had the Ploughmans plate.  We thought this would be a light bite because we had dinner scheduled in just 2.5 hours.  We were so wrong...but so right!  Wrong because it was so much food...basically one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.  (And that deliciousness was what was so right!).   It began with the most delicious bread, followed by a thick smearing of good Irish butter, then thick slices of corned beef, a slice or two of cheese, and a good dollop of carmelized onions, then bread and butter!!  Boy was my tummy happy. In hindsight we should have shared this "light" meal...but remember this is Lenore and Kathy...we went all in on this sandwich!

But back to Bob and Vala...while Ron might have gotten good advice regarding the fish and chips...Lenore and I are less than thrilled by Vala's comments that she was freezing in Ireland!  We packed our suitcases full of sweaters, and have been hot every single day!  We can't really blame Vala...Ireland has just been basking in glorious weather!  Who would ever have thought we would be complaining about the weather being too good!?

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