Friday, August 28, 2015

A few quiet observations on Oslo...

This beautiful town is peaceful and quiet.  Tonight at dinner we sat and made a list of "quiet" differences between Oslo and any town at home:
     1. People speak quietly here...the are all talking and laughing, but their voices do not fill the room. In fact, I think Lenore and I are the noisiest people in the breakfast room!
     2. We have heard only 1 ambulance here...and have not heard a police siren at all. 
     3. I have not heard a single car horn!  We took UBER yesterday and were in pretty heavy traffic,,,not one single horn. We also spent some time on a hop on hop off bus winding all through the town.  Still not a single horn.  (Certainly unlike Paris, London, Barcelona...)
     4. Bars and restaurants do not have any TVs in them.   (I mean, I'm sure some do...but not like in the U.S. Where every restaurant bar has a TV.  And shops and stores do not have music playing. I fell asleep last night before posting the above!  I just want to add that this morning we had to catch a train from Oslo to the town of Nesbyen, where we will meet up with Lenore's friend. Our train left at 8:25 am.  We were told it was a 15 minute walk from the hotel to the train station.  Well...we left a little late and we can all attest that you can make it to the Central Train Station in a mere 7 minutes when run/walking at a brisk pace, laden down with full suitcases! We made it on to the train with 4 minutes to spare, dripping in sweat!  My point is that the 4 Hunts provided the only noise on the streets of Oslo this morning...darn those suitcase wheels are NOISY!

 But we made it!  And here is proof that we are settled into our comfy seats, relaxing and looking forward to what is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world!


  1. Love the description of the quiet atmosphere, sounds delightful; though I'm not sure how I feel about laughter not filling the room...