Monday, August 31, 2015


This one is for Bryan!
This is the fridge that Lenore is inlove with...fridge on each side, and freezer in the center.  If you want one like this, you can order it from Marrits nephew in Bergen!

I LOVE this is so comfy. I want one, (or two!)
Beautiful fog in the morning on the farm.

The barn
After our big day exploring with Marrit and Hans, we returned to their lovely farmhouse for a simple,  but fantastic Norwegian meal.  Their home has 4 dining rooms.  We had eaten lunch in the kitchen, but dinner was served in one of the other rooms.  Marrit heated up a huge pot of SMALLMATT (disclaimer...I may very well be spelling this wrong!) which is a traditional Christmas meal.  (I guess our visit was almost as special as Christmas!). This soup had pork, lamb and beef cut into very small cubes, as well as small diced potatoes, onions, corn and carrots.  It was seasoned with such delicious favors...just fantastic.  It is served with special bread that looked like a tortilla only thinner.  It is actually 2 layers with butter and sugar in between.  Trust me, the sweetness of this bread along with the saltiness of the SMALLMATT soup is out of the world.  I am so sorry I was too embarrassed to take photo of the food at the table. As an  added bonus, Hans was so excited to serve us Akvavit with our meal...served in special little glasses!  Watching him pour it was like watching an artist...he filled each glass right up to the rim.  I noticed larger glass too...turns out those were for the local beer that one must drink with the akvavit!  It was indeed a party!

Breakfast the following morning did not disappoint...2 kinds of fabulous bread (3 if you count Gary's gluten free bread that we carried from home in our suitcases!), sliced ham, thinly sliced special smoked meat sausage, smoked salmon, brown goat cheese (the cheese is brown, I'm not sure what color the goats are!), Swiss cheese, delicious butter, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and sliced bell peppers, 4 kinds of home made jam (strawberry, raspberry, apple and cloudberry), Apple juice and orange juice, soft boiled eggs.  Lenore and I are terrified of how we can match these meals if Hans and Marrit come to visit us!?!  How can we ever possibly repay this hospitality!?!?


  1. won't fit in my 22" suitcase!

  2. Please bring the food home. At least some of this smoked salmon we've heard so much about.