Friday, August 28, 2015

Breakfast...Oslo style!

Our hotel comes with a fantastic breakfast buffet that I thought I'd share with everyone!  We are truly loving our breakfast time in Norway. 

Homemade jam!

The yogurt bar:

Perfect sunnyside up eggs with bacon:

Fresh waffles anyone?!


Meats and the best smoked salmon ever!!
And this is where all the breakfast magic happens!  The view of the enclosed atrium where they serve breakfast!

This is the view down to the interior courtyard where breakfast is served. 

One more...out of order...unbelievable bread!!


  1. I hope you stole some of that jam mom! And send me some smoked salmon! I feel bad for dad with all that good looking bread though :(

  2. Mouth salivating!! ...I wouldn't even know where to begin. Possible to fit all on one plate?

  3. No worries, Jay...everywhere we have gone has gluten free bread...and all the restaurant menus are so clearly marked. It is a snap for dad!