Monday, August 17, 2015

Just a week away!

So this is what's happening today!  It's time to quit mentally  putting together my travel wardrobe and, as Nike says..."Just do it!"  We've got great new 22" suitcases.  While they are small enough to carry on the plane, we are going to check them (most likely!).   It looks like it's all going to fit. That's 3 pants, 3 shirts, 3 sweater, 4 scarves, a down vest and a rain jacket with a hood.  (And of course I'll have the pants, shirt and sweater that I'll be traveling in.)  Those shoes with the purple laces you see are actually a pair of cleat-less golf shoes; since they are waterproof they seem like a good choice. I  will also be bringing another pair of black oxfords and a pair of new Born booties that just arrived today (thank you very much Zappos!) that are so comfy I don't even want to take them off...even though it is 100 degrees today!  I think I'm going to want to wear them every day of the trip.  We will be using packing cubes for the first time...I'm hoping we will arrive wrinkle free, as a result, and maybe even have room for a few more things in the suitcases.  I'll report later.

Ok...I know nobody really cares that I'm already packed...I actually just wanted to make sure I remembered how to post things on this blog!  Ok, now lets see if I can post the photos...

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